Yuzu Emulator Guide & Tutorials: How to Setup Yuzu Emulator? 

Are you considering using the Yuzu but are confused about where to begin or how to install it? Then do not worry and read our guide in which I have explained the whole process of setting it up. Also, all necessary information regarding the emulator is also given. 

Yuzu is among the greatest emulators for playing Switch games. It is easy to use and works with a wide variety of games. Yuzu is a great option if you’ve decided to start using it. 

On a mobile device, all you need to do is install the application from the Play Store and insert the keys. However, configuring the emulator on a PC may involve multiple steps and can be challenging. This includes downloading the right version and other related files, such as the firmware, prod keys, and Microsoft Visual C++. 

In this article, I will give you a detailed tour of what you need to do to completely set up the emulator on your PC without any problems. I will also give you general information about the emulator like its minimum requirements and game compatibility. At the end of this article, some FAQs are answered. 

Before starting, let’s discuss the availability of the Yuzu on different systems. If we talk about PCs, then the Yuzu is available on Windows and Linux but not on Apple devices. In the mobile systems, it is available on Android devices only. 

The configuration of Yuzu on the Windows system will be discussed in this article. 

The process of installing the emulator can be long but it is very easy to do. To explain it more easily, I have divided it into six separate parts. These are mentioned below. 

  • First, we will install the emulator. 
  • Then we will get the Microsoft Visual C++. 
  • In the third step, we will place the prod keys. 
  • Then the file of the Firmware will be installed. 
  • We will see how to configure some settings of the emulator so that it will give us the best performance. 
  • Lastly, I will show you how to add games to the Yuzu. 

You can follow the guide from the start or just go to the specific point where you are facing any problem while installing. 

This is the first step in this process. To obtain the Windows x64 version, you must visit the website and click the download option. The file, which is only 10 MB in size, will begin downloading automatically. 

After downloading it, you should open it. This will give you two options. You should click on the normal version. The Early Access version is a paid version and is only available to those users who pay a monthly 5-dollar fee to the Yuzu. The only benefit of it is that you will enjoy some new features before the others, otherwise, both versions are the same. 

Now, when you install it, the installer will start setting up the emulator on your device. The size of the setup is around 80 MBs and it may take a couple of minutes to set complete.  

After the Yuzu emulator download, you can cross it so that we can now move toward our next step, or simply click on the Launch button.  

The Play Store offers both the regular and early access versions of the Yuzu emulator Android. if you want it, then you can simply get it there. 

The programming language used to create Yuzu’s app is C++. You must download Microsoft Visual C++ to ensure that it operates correctly on your Windows devices. It will import the necessary files and libraries to guarantee the emulator runs as smoothly as possible. 

Click this link to download the most recent version, which is for 2022. Once the file has been downloaded, all you need to do is install it. 

Now you have to add the prod keys so that your emulator can start performing its functions. It is a compulsory component of your emulator. These keys are not present when you install the emulator for the first time and so can cause you an error. The process I will tell you is also the same for the commonly asked question “How to fix Yuzu Encryption Keys Are Missing.” 

There are two ways to get the prod keys. One is to extract it through your console while the other is to obtain it from online websites. You can get the latest version as well as the older version of the file from here. You should not download the version that is too old, as it may not work with the new version of the emulator. 

After you download it, you should unzip it. You can use different unzipping software like WinRAR. This will give you two files with the name of Prod and Title keys. 

Now follow these steps to complete placing the keys. 

  1. Open up your emulator. 
  1. Click on the File button and then on Open yuzu Folder
  1. Now a lot of folders will be opened. Search for a folder named keys. If there is no folder by that name, just create a new one with the same name. 
  1. Now copy the file of both keys and then place them in this folder. 

The process is complete, now you should close it so that the changes are made. 

Yuzu firmware is another important component for the emulator. Although Yuzu can start working without it, it is required for some of the games to work in your emulator. Otherwise, these games do not even start and crash on opening. 

Download the V17.0.1 of the firmware. 

Make sure that the firmware and the prod keys are of the same version, otherwise, it can cause a compatibility error. The versions that are somewhat near will also work without any problem. For example, a 17.0 0 version of firmware may work with the 16.0 1 version of the prod keys but not with the 13.0 1 version.  

You can follow the following steps to place the firmware in the emulator. 

  1. Turn on your emulator. 
  1. Click on File and then Open yuzu Folder
  1. From here, find a folder named nand and then follow this path: nand > systems > Contents > registered.  
  1. Now open the file of Firmware and copy all the files present here. 
  1. Paste these files in the registered folder. 
  1. Close down your emulator, and then restart it. 

The process of installing the firmware is complete, now we will move toward the next step. 

If you want to change some settings of the emulator like its graphics or controls, then you can do it just by opening your emulator. 

  1. Click on the Emulation and then Configure. 
  1. Now you change all the settings from here. This can be graphics related, your controls, or some other options that are required.  
  1. After changing the settings, click on the OK button and your settings will be saved. 

If you want to reset the settings, then you can simply do it by clicking on “Reset all settings “which is given at the bottom. 

Now, if you want to add the games to the emulator, then it is a straightforward process. I will show you an example to set it up on your own.  

The steps are given below. 

  1. First, open your emulator. 
  1. Then click on the add game button. 
  1. Now go to the location of the game folder. Then select it. 
  1. The game is added to the emulator, and now you can simply click on it to enjoy. 

If you want your emulator to work properly on your device then your PC needs to have some minimum requirements. The main areas you should focus on are its RAM, CPU, and lastly the CPU. 

Below, I have given the PC minimum as well as the recommended requirements to run properly. 

  1. A RAM of 4 is the minimum but the PC should have 8 or 16 GB RAM. 
  1. You should have an i5 with a minimum 4th generation, but an i5 with 11th generation is recommended. 
  1. Your device should have a Graphic card of NVIDIA GeForce GT 1050 4GB or AMD Radeon RX 550 4GB but a one with 6 or 8 GB is recommended. 
  1. Although integrated graphics are not useful for good performance your device must have a good one like Intel Iris XE Graphics 
  1. Your device should have a Windows 10 or higher. 

These are some of the requirements but keep in mind that they may not guarantee the best performance in all games and are just to help you decide better. 

Now if you are going for Yuzu games download but do not know which game runs best with the emulator then you can check out the compatibility list of the emulator. It is the official list of Yuzu which tells the smoothness of different games on Yuzu. 

There are several categories in which games are ranked on their performance during the testing. Those games that are not tested yet, are also specified. The games can either run perfectly or may not even start. The list contains a total of about 3,000 games. 

You can check the games list here, and then decide which games to play. 

How good of a PC do you need for Yuzu? 

Your PC should have high RAM, good GPU, and CPU. The exact requirements differ from game to game, but your PC should have at least 8 GB of RAM and a CPU with a high single-core performance. Also, a GPU supporting OpenGL 4.6 is also a must. 

Yes, the emulator for the Yuzu is perfectly legal, free, and completely safe to use. You can download it from the official website, and there will be no problem with its working. 

Do you need Microsoft Visual C++ for Yuzu? 

Yes, it is required for you to have the file of Microsoft Visual C++ on your device. This is because Yuzu was made with the help of C++, so it requires the visual file to perform all of the functions properly. 

How do I use the Yuzu emulator? 

You can start using the emulator just after following our setup guide. For this, just download the games, and then add them to your emulator. If you want to change the settings, then you can just configure it from the settings bar at the top of your emulator. 

One of the rapidly growing emulators currently is Yuzu. It supports a variety of games and is really easy to use. Installing it is a long process as you have to set up various components for it to work properly. This includes installing the keys, firmware, and several other things. 

In this article, I will tell you all you need to do to complete the setup on your own with a simple but detailed guide. In addition, I will also mention the minimum requirements of your device for the emulator to perform best. I have also discussed what games will work best with the emulator and which ones will not even start. 

At the end of the article, some of the frequently asked questions related to the topic are also discussed.  

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