How to Fix Derivation Components Missing Yuzu 2024 

You have got the emulator on your device, but you keep getting the Derivation components missing error. Then read our article in which I have explained the reason behind this problem and a way to solve this on your own. 

When you get the emulator, you need to place several components inside it, so that it can work properly. Some are necessary for the emulator to run while others can be required to play specific games.  

Now these components do not come installed on their own, and thus you have to add them on your own. This error is related to the yuzu keys. In this article, I will try to explain why these keys are causing this error, and what you can do to easily fix it.  

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There are several errors on the Yuzu. These can be due to missing some necessary components like the keys, firmware, or some other game-related files. This particular error occurs when you get the emulator, but do not have keys placed in it. 

Prod keys which sometimes are referred to as encryption keys are very important and can be considered as the backbone of Yuzu. This error will only go away if you place the keys, in the correct location.  

Also, you should only get the latest version of the keys so, you should not face any error for outdated keys. 

Fixing this error can be divided into two parts. The first part involves getting the keys for the emulator while the second requires you to place them in the Yuzu keys folder.  

You can get the latest version of the Prod keys here. Currently, the latest one is V17.0.0. After you download it, you have to unzip it through WinRAR or any other unzipping software that you have. This will give you two files with the name of Prod and the title keys. 

Now copy the file, and it will be used in the next part. 

Open up your emulator. 

  • Click ok on the Derivation components missing error that you will get. 
  • Now Click on File and then Open yuzu Folder
  • From this directory, find a folder named keys. If for some reason this is not present, then just create a new one with the same name.
  • The final step of this process is to paste the files of the keys that you unzipped earlier. 
  • Now just close down the emulator and reopen it again. 

You will not face any errors or popups again, and you can freely use the emulator. 

The keys need to be in a proper location for your emulator to run correctly. These keys are missing the first time you install them, which will result in a Derivation component missing error. 

You must obtain the version which is the latest and then paste it into the correct location if you wish to correct this mistake. The process of this is explained one by one in the above article. 

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