Why Yuzu Encryption keys are missing?

Are you not able to use the Yuzu emulator due to this error? Then follow the quick guide that explains Yuzu Encryption keys are missing how can easily solve this problem on your own.

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Encryption keys are needed by Yuzu to run the games or other programs successfully. Due to some problems with your keys, you may be facing this problem. This article includes a guide to how can you solve this problem on your own and from which website you can get the latest version of these keys.

It is reddit says:

Before getting to know about how to fix the error, you should first know what are these encryption keys. The keys are a sort of security system that prevents illegal or unauthorized access to Steam decks.

This helps the system identify, or we can say decrypt the games. If you don’t have these keys, the system will lock itself to prevent itself from keeping the content secure.

If your keys are missing, then don’t worry as these keys are available online and you just have to download them and follow the guide that is given below.

This is one of the common errors that you may face as a user, and this means that your device doesn’t have the keys in your emulator.  It is required for you to install these keys after you have downloaded Yuzu as these are not preinstalled.

Another reason for this problem is that the already installed keys may be deleted or misplaced accidentally. One other problem that you may be facing due to the same reason is” Derivation components missing Yuzu”.

These errors can only be fixed if you place these keys in their destined location as shown in the guide later.

Find Here: Yuzu Prod Keys Location

The key that you are downloading must be the latest version, otherwise, you will have to download and update them again. That is why you should consult with several websites to confirm that you are downloading the correct keys.

Below are some of the websites that publish the latest keys as early as possible.

 The current version of the keys is 17.0.0. After you download and unzip this file, you will obtain two more files namely prod and title keys.

As you are now aware of the important details, we will turn toward our main topic how to solve this problem. I already assume that you have the file downloaded and unzipped on your device. Now go through these steps one by one.

  • First of all, launch the emulator and select the file icon. It is easily spotted by looking at the corner which is present on the left side.
  • Simply click the second last icon which is named “Open Yuzu Folder”. The folder containing several subfolders will open.
  • Locate a folder called “keys” in this location and paste the two files that you extracted from the keys.
  • Finally, turn off your emulator and then restart it so changes can be made.

You will not face the missing error again if you have completed the steps that are mentioned.

Another error that occurs due to some problem with encryption is faced by Android users. There are many reasons that you might face this problem but the most common one includes misplaced, missing, or outdated keys.

Main Reason Behind this Error is old prod keys

Solution: Update to New PROD KEYS.

 From the Yuzuprodkeys.com Download Updated Version prod keys and then unzip them.

Open the Yuzu app on your device and then go to settings.

Here, search for the option “Install prod keys”. 

This will open the files directory, but you have to go to the location of those files that you unzipped earlier.

Select them and then you will see a pop-up on the screen which will tell you that you have installed the keys successfully. Try to follow the steps so you don’t feel any confusion.


Does Yuzu Emulator Automatically Update?

No, it does not update on its own and you have to download and install it every time a new version rolls out.

How do I Update My Yuzu Emulator?

To keep your emulator up to date with the latest version, follow this path after opening your emulator “File > Open Yuzu Folder > Update”.

Where do I add Keys to my Yuzu?

The keys have to be added to a specific location inside the emulator directory. This can be accessed by opening the File folder in the emulator.

What is Yuzu Maintenance Tool?

This is a tool that helps you to clean different junks and cache files and hence optimize your emulator.

Sometimes your keys are misplaced which results in this error. It may look like a big issue that you cannot solve, but if you follow the guide given in this article you can fix this issue on your own.

Reddit refernce: https://www.reddit.com/r/yuzu/comments/136×801/encryption_keys_missing/

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