Where To Put Prod Keys in Yuzu Emulator?

Are you trying to setup a Yuzu emulator? Do you know Where To Put Prod Keys in Yuzu? It’s required to have the latest prod key to setup Yuzu instantly. It’s also known as the title key and is not readily available to all users. Suppose you get the Prod key, but you will still ask where to put the Prod keys yuzu.

Yuzu Prod Keys Location

Remember that the emulator is compatible with many Nintendo Switch games. You can run them easily on Windows and Linux operating systems (OS). It helps install MOD of games and apps and run applications easily. If you are stuck in the prod key installation Yuzu, stick to the guide. You will get the complete information from the beginning. Let’s get deeper into the details!

Where To Put Prod Keys in Yuzu Emulator?

Installing the prod key to the Yuzu emulator is simpler than you think. Follow the steps below and get Yuzu ready in a few moments. Let’s learn!

Yuzu Prod Keys Location
  • First, download the latest emulator with updated firmware. Also, save the latest prod key you want to enter in Yuzu.
  • Launch the Yuzu exe file and click Files. You can easily find this option on the left side of the screen.
  • Go to the dropdown menu and click “Open Yuzu folder.”
  • Now, go to Nand > system > contents > Registered. Remember that it’s the file location.
  • Further, close the file explorer and again start the procedure to keep everything easier.
  • This time, open the Yuzu exe and click Files.
  • Choose the Open Yuzu folder.
  • Go to the Keys folder. Sometimes the folder might be missing. If not available, create a Keys folder by yourself.
  • Extra the prod keys and paste them into the Keys folder.
  • Congrats! You are done with Prod keys, yuzu. Enjoy.

What Are Prod Keys?

Whenever you download or buy software, it comes with a secret key. It’s also known as a product key and is made to prevent the product from spamming so that people can only use that officially. Similarly, installing the Yuzu emulator requires more prod or title keys than other simulators. It’s a specialty of Nintendo Switch games that need a prod key for activation.

To better understand, Prod key Yuzu is an encrypted key required by the emulator software to start working. The emulator is useless without entering the prod key. Several prod keys are available online to try but remember, not all of them work. Therefore, we are here to assist you throughout the process.

Note: All the Prod keys are free and open source. Get them free and use them without issues. Moreover, always get them from trusted sources.

Importance of Yuzu Prod Keys

If you want to install mods and play games without issues, entering prod keys to Yuzu is crucial. Simply, it’s necessary for its proper functioning because they decrypt the benefits and enable the emulator to work according to what it is designed for

Most importantly, it usually allows users to play Nintendo Switch games not on mobile but on computers and laptops. The benefit is that the users enjoy their favorite games on the big screen, and without title keys, you can use them up to their maximum functionality.

Suppose you install and run it without a key, but it will not run the game correctly. That’s why we always get the prod key and enter it according to our described method.


So it’s all about entering Product keys, yuzu. In our recommendation, always check the prod keys before entering. Always get them from trusted sources because some inauthentic keys may spy on your laptop or computer. So follow the procedure, enter the title key, and enjoy your favorite games without issues.


Do you still need prod keys for Yuzu?

Yes, yuzu does not run or install properly without a prod key. Get the title key, enter it by following the mentioned steps, and enjoy games without limits.

How to install Yuzu keys and firmware?

Launch the Yuzu and open the Yuzu folder from the explorer. Copy the decryption keys or prod keys and paste them into that folder. If you don’t find the Keys folder, create it with the same name. Now again, launch the yuzu and enjoy installing your favorite games.

How to download prod keys for Yuzu?

Search any trusted website, such as our blog, and download the keys.zip file. Extra the file, and it will contain a total of two files. Open the Yuzu folder from the explorer, copy the two keys file, and paste. Now launch the yuzu again, and it’s all done.

Where to find prod keys?

It’s easier to find the entered keys from Yuzu. Open the folder sd:/switch/prod.keys or sd:/switch/title.keys and get the yuzu title keys. It’s also known as the Ryujinx system folder. Sometimes they will be available in the Ryujinx system folder.

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