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The action-adventure game Tears of the Kingdom, Zelda Legendary, has captured players’ hearts. How do I add yuzu tears of the kingdom? This game is released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It serves as a  ‘Breath of the Wild,’ the result of The Legend of Zelda. It allows the players to explore the vast landscapes of Hyrule and floating islands. 

Though, it was originally limited to the Nintendo Switch. PC gamers are now exploring two unofficial methods to play the game using PC emulators. These emulators have been surprisingly effective in providing a smooth gaming experience. Meanwhile, you may learn how to resolve the unloading screen issue (various users encounter it).

Is Tears of the Kingdom playable on PC?

Similar to certain other Zelda games, the use of emulators makes it relatively straightforward to operate this gameplay on your PC. It meets as third-party game developers are actively engaged in creating ports. These ports are compatible versions of recently released video games suitable to all platforms. However, the development of a port was almost inevitable even before the release of the official version of Kingdom Tears in the games community. 

Meanwhile, if you consider using an emulator, it seems uncomplicated. Ti’s because some PC users may encounter difficulties during the installation process. We recommend you officially purchase the game for the Nintendo Switch console to have the best gaming experience. Unfortunately, PC users have no alternative but to resort to using emulators.

How to Zelda Legendary game on PC?

The most specific Yuzu and Ryujinx emulators were developed for the Nintendo Switching games. Both systems can run the Kingdom Tears game at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.

Furthermore, you can use your PC’s CeMu emulator to play this Tears of Kingdom game. So, if you want to obtain the optimal visual quality and gameplay, you must require a high-end PC configuration. If your PC comprises the short terms of specifications, you may encounter visual glitches. Regarding this, you may experience occasional stutters or lags in the game. 


  • Go to the official Microsoft website and acquire the most recent DirectX installer version.
  • Then execute the installer and perform a full DirectX installation
  • When it’s completed, navigate to the Visual C++ Redistributables and obtain the latest installer
  • Ultimately, when you reboot your computer, you may implement all the new modifications

Tears Of The Kingdom Gameplay by Yuzu

You’re proficient in enjoying your Zelda game on your PC via this Yuzu emulator. This emulator comes with all the fundamental requirements that are essential to run it on a PC. Moreover, the Yuzu emulator has advanced to the point where you can enjoy 4K resolution and 60+ frames per second gameplay. 

The majority of gamers prefer this Yuzu emulator to play the Zelda game. Here, you must view these steps:

  • Open the official Yuzu website and click on the download option for the emulator software for PC usage.
  • Now, run the emulator installer and complete your installation process. Afterward, open the Yuzu emulator.
  • Scroll down to ‘Files’ and select ‘Open Yuzu Folder.’
  • Copy the ‘Keys’ and paste the specific ‘prod-keys’ and ‘title-keys’ files in the relevant folders of keys.
  • Return to the Yuzu emulator and choose ‘Add Fresh Game Directory.’
  • Finally, locate your ‘The Legend of Zelda gameplay: the NSP or XCI files of Tears of The Kingdom’ to start playing the game on your PC.

You can achieve a smooth 60 frames per second experience with Yuzu emulator. You just need the following mods, files, and system specifications:

  1. At least 16GB of RAM
  2. An RTX 3060 or superior graphics card with a minimum of 8GB VRAM
  3. The most up-to-date version of Yuzu
  4. An R5 5600/i5 12400 processor or better
  5. Visual enhancement and framerate improvement mods
  6. The latest Tears of the Kingdom patch

Therefore, we strongly recommend opting for a 30fps setting for a more stable gaming experience. It’s advised when your PC specifications are falling down from the above requirements. Regarding this 30fps, you can follow these steps to optimize your PC’s performance: 

  • Utilize the most recent Early Access Yuzu Build or the primary Official Yuzu Website.
  • Limit the frame rate to 30 or 20

Mods Installation for Tears of the Kingdom on Yuzu

  • Download all the mods from our provided source
  • Then right-click on the game title in the Yuzu main menu and select ‘Open Mods data location.’
  • When the new option is opened forefront to you, paste your required mods into the mod data folder.

Now, you can analyze it by right-clicking on your inserted game title in the main menu to access the properties. It ensures that Multicore CPU emulation is enabled. Now verify that all the mods you added in the mod folder are listed in the Add-ons section.

Mods for Enhanced Visuals and Resolution Upscaling

Tears of the Kingdom are initially displayed at a lower resolution, resulting in a blurry appearance. To address this, you must apply the improvement mods visualization. That visualization is accessible from the downloaded zip file into the game’s mod data location. Mods are;

  1. Visual Fixes_ Disable FSR
  2. Visual Fixes_ Anisotropic Fix
  3. VisualFixes_1008P_Chuck
  4. Visual Fixes_ Shadow Resolution

Other Emulators for Tears of The Kingdom gameplay

  • Ryujinx emulator is also used to play the game Tears of Kingdom. You can download this emulator from our link and extract its zip file. After basic software fixing steps, you can start your game with this emulator. 

Remember, gamers need to adjust input settings in Ryujinx if they encounter keyboard or controller issues. You can optimize GPU preferences for better performance based on your PC specs for this emulator. Furthermore, for a stable 60 FPS experience, consider installing additional firmware from the ‘Tools’ portion if going for the XCI ROM. 

  • CeMu emulator enables Nintendo Switch and Wii U games on Windows PCs. It offers up to 4K resolution based on your system. Meanwhile, it’s compatible with AMD and Nvidia graphics. It supports Pro, DRC, Classic controllers, and Wiimotes with a keyboard/mouse. Though it’s clear, the FX pack also enhances visuals during gameplay.

Is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Game not Visible on Yuzu?

If your desired game isn’t appearing in your Yuzu library, start by rebooting your computer. Then, open Yuzu again to see if the game is now listed. If the game remains invisible, you should consider these outcomes:

  • Update Prod Keys
  • Utilize any other emulator, such as Ryujinx

Final Verdict

Tears of the Kingdom excels in gameplay and art but is hindered by the aging Switch hardware. Although you can enjoy its benefit greatly from improved frame rates, draw distance, resolution, and textures. Emulators like Yuzu and Ryujinx unlock their true potential. Yuzu offers smoother performance and enhanced visuals. 

Therefore, Yuzu can now achieve a consistent RTX 3060 with 60FPS or equivalent GPU. Even with a GTX 1660 and Ryzen 5 3600, 60 fps may be a bit challenging, but on upscaling to 4K. It may eliminate the FSR blurriness with Visual Improvement mods that have become the optimal way to enjoy Tears of the Kingdom.

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