The Key Area Yuzu Error 0007 0015

Are you facing the Yuzu error 0007 0015 which shows that the key area for this application type is not found? Then read our article which explains its solution in different ways.

  • Error Term: Yuzu the key area for this application type and crypto revision could not be found

Prod keys are very necessary for running the Yuzu emulator. Sometimes a problem with them can cause an error in your app and you are not able to use it. One of these errors is 0007 0015.

If you are facing this error in your emulator, then you should follow the detailed guide presented below. There are several ways you can fix this error and if one of them doesn’t work for you then you can simply try the next one.

As mentioned in the name, this error is due to some fault in your keys. This means you are using the previous version, and it cannot continue to work on your computer.

To solve this problem, you have to replace these outdated keys with the latest version available. The process to do this is really simple and is explained in detail below.

To fix this error, you need the latest released version of prod keys. There are many scam websites that provide you with old links which may contain viruses. That is why you should download the current Yuzu prod keys here. The name of this version is Yuzu prod key V17.0.0 and it is the latest available.

After downloading these files, you have to unzip them. You will obtain two files that will be used later to fix the error that you are facing.

There are many ways in which you can solve this problem and you can try whichever you think is good. All these processes are explained one by one with all the necessary steps so follow them till the end.

This method involves the replacement of old prod keys with the latest ones.

1.  Run your Yuzu-emulator and look for a File icon. Then tap on the Open Yuzu Folder.

2. In these folders, search for “keys”.

3. The files of the prod keys that you extracted earlier should be pasted here.

This process is complete and now just restart your emulator and see if the error is fixed.

The key area key for this application type and revision could not be found. What does this mean and how do I fix it?
byu/Braunb8888 inyuzu

For some reason, the previous method is not working in your device so you can also give this method a try.

1.  First, create a new folder on your desktop.

2. Now open your emulator and go to the Open Yuzu folder as mentioned in the previous method.

3. You have to Cut all the files that are present here and then paste them into the new folder that we created on the desktop.

4. From here, you have to paste the prod keys file into the keys folder.

This method is complete and now you just have to restart your emulator to run the game.

This method of fixing this error is less common and if both of the above methods don’t work just use this method and you are good to go.

1.Go to the Local disk C and then follow this path Users > Your device name > App Data > Roaming > yuzu > keys.

2.If you don’t see the App Data folder, then simply click on View and then tick the hidden items.

3.Now paste the prod keys into the key folder.

The error that you were facing about the Key area yuzu is fixed. Now you can use the emulator without any problem.

Not only the prod keys are required for your emulator but downloading its latest version is also very important. You can face several types of errors if your keys are missing or outdated. One such error is the key area yuzu error 0007 0015.

If your emulator shows you this, then don’t worry as there are several ways you can solve this error. For this, first, get the prod keys from the link given above and then follow any of the steps that are mentioned.

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