How to Fix Encryption keys failed to decrypt firmware Yuzu

Is there any problem that you are facing due to a failed decryption error? Then read this article in which I have explained the reason for this error and what possible steps you can take to solve this error on your own.

Yuzu emulator requires several components to run properly and perform its function. Sometimes it has some problems that result in an error.  These errors can be due to missing or old files or some problems with the system.

One such error is “Encryption keys failed to decrypt firmware Yuzu”. If you are seeing this error, then it means that the files in your system need to be fixed and you can follow the guide given below.

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There are several reasons that this error can occur including misplaced files and incorrect settings but the most common reason for this is the outdated version of your prod keys. As the yuzu releases an update after some time, the older keys are then not compatible with the emulator system.

This is why your emulator fails to decrypt the firmware and hence run properly. Fixing this error requires you to replace the old files with the new ones and the process to do this is explained below.

The first step of fixing this error requires you to have the latest prod keys that are available. That is why you can download the latest available keys here. There are several websites that post the files for the latest prod keys but most of them either don’t work properly or have viruses in their files.

After you have downloaded the file you have to unzip it which can be done by using software like WinRAR or 7-zip. If the above-mentioned link for prod keys doesn’t work then you can try out this website.

The latest available yuzu pro key version is 17.0.0 and after you unzip it you will obtain two files namely title and prod keys. These keys need to be pasted in the location that will be mentioned later.

On your Windows, you can easily fix the error by following these steps.

1. Turn on your emulator and click OK on the error.

2. Click on the File icon and then Open yuzu Folder.

3. This will take you to its location. Here, select the keys folder.

4. Simply paste the files of the keys that you have here.

5. You will be shown three options. Select the Replace one.

The error that you were facing is now fixed just reopen your emulator and enjoy the emulator.

A similar error that is faced by the users is this. The keys are required for you to use the emulator and when the emulator is installed for the first time, you don’t have them pre-installed. To fix this error, you have to place the prod keys in the keys folder in the yuzu directory.

The process of doing this is almost the same as the above-mentioned steps, but to know about this error in detail and how to solve this on your own, read our article “Why Yuzu Encryption keys are missing?”

If you are still facing problems with the error and don’t know what to do then you can check the Reddit forum where a similar question was asked.

 Here, you can find some other ways which will help you to fix this error. For example, you can try deleting the keys from the folder and then pasting the new keys file here again.

Similarly, another mentioned but the less common way you can fix this error is by going through these given steps.

1.Like the above guide, open your emulator tap on File, and then click on the Open Yuzu Folder.

2. Now go to the folder where the firmware files are present. This can be done by following the path nand>systems>content>registered.

3. In this folder, delete all the NCA files present and then simply close your emulator.

Now when you restart your emulator the error will certainly be fixed.

Encryption keys are very important to decrypt the firmware and it allows you to run the game smoothly. But sometimes a problem with them causes an error in your system. One such error is “Encryption keys failed to decrypt firmware Yuzu”.

This error is generally faced due to outdated or misplaced prod keys. In order to fix this, you just have to place the new key file in the key folder and then restart your emulator. To understand this process in detail, you can follow the step-by-step guide presented above.

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