Top 5 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Everyone 

Are you new to the Switch and are looking for the best Nintendo Switch game of all time? Then read our article which contains a comprehensive list of the top 5 games that you can enjoy. I have also explained some general information regarding them.  

Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming device that is used by a lot of users. There are new and experienced players who are looking for some good games to enjoy. 

If we talk about the best games then there is not one and as every year new games continuously roll out, so the list may contain classics as well as the latest games. 

In this article, I will give you with a list of the best switch games that you can enjoy this year. Moreover, you can also take a look at some of the common questions regarding the topic which can help you to decide the game that you can play on your switch.

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Although the game was released last year it instantly became a hit and so that has attracted a lot of players. The rating given to it by OpenCritic is 98% and if we talk about the sales, then it has sold more than 4.3 million units of copies in the first 2 weeks of its release. 

The game has received many awards and is also nominated for several other ones. 

Now moving towards the gameplay, the game has a total of 8 characters. You can choose the one that you like. You have to complete several levels in the Flower Kingdom and save it from the enemies. 

You can also play the game with your friends which makes it unique and one of the best multiplayer switch games. 

This game was also released in 2023 and besides Nintendo, it is available for Windows, Play Station, and Xbox. If we consider the ratings, then it is widely recommended by the critics with a 98% score by OpenCritic. 

It sold a record 100,000 units in the first 24 hours of its release. It has gotten two prestigious awards and has also been nominated for two more. 

There are two heroes in the game who go by the names Valere and Zale. They have to fight an evil alchemist and for that, they progress through different levels and solve puzzles. The game is very interesting to play you should definitely give it a try. 

One of the most widely acclaimed action and adventure games of the last year is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The game has received almost full ratings from the major Publications. 

The Metacritic gave it a score of 96 out of 100 while Destructoid gave it a 10 out of 10. Within three days of its release, the game sold more than 3 million units of the game. This includes both online files and the physical CDs. The game has won 9 awards in different categories and is also nominated for more than 10 awards

In the game, you will control the player named Link and the story revolves around searching for a Princess named Zelda. You also have to save the land of Hyrule from the main villain who is called Ganondorf. The game has many features of its predecessor Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well as some new additions.  

The game has smooth graphics and very interesting gameplay. You will surely like this game, and so you should give it a try. 

It has been more than seven years since the release of this game, but this game is still on the list of best switch games. This is only due to the features that one gets while playing the game. The game received a very high score of 97 from Metacritic and a 10 out of 10 by IGN.  

If we look at the record of its sales, then more than two million copies of the game were sold just 3 days after its release. Overall, the game has sold almost 27 million units by the year 2023. 

The game offers a 3D experience to you, unlike the old games of Super Mario. You have to explore locations in the Kingdom and solve different puzzles. The game has a story mode and also additional levels that you can unlock.  

This is the last game on our list, and it is an action game released in 2019. The game is part of the Fire Emblem series. It is also one of the most-played games on Switch has received a score of 89 out of 100 from Metacritic and 9.5 out of 10 from IGN. 

In the first week when it was released, it became the bestselling game during in Japan. A similar trend was also followed in many other countries. 

In the game, you have to lead different houses, build relationships, and engage in battles. In short, you have to combine the turn-based battles with school-life simulation. This makes the games very interesting, and I am sure you will like it. 

What is the most successful Switch game? 

The bestselling game on the Nintendo Switch is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This is because the game has sold 57.01 copies which is the highest for any of the Switch game released. 

Can I play GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch? 

No, it is not possible to play GTA 5 on your Nintendo Switch. Although a lot of players want to see the game on their Switch, the developers of the game have not given any such hint about

There are several games that can be played on Nintendo Switch, and it cannot be summarized in a single article. But I have tried to provide you with a list of the 5 best Nintendo Switch games for adults and teenagers in this article which will surely be interesting for you. 

Most of the games were released last year and are follow-up games of their predecessors. Now you can go and try them out. If you like the game, you should tell us in the comments. 

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