Ryujinx error RYU 0001 Keys Not Found

Did you install the Ryujinx emulator and don’t know why you are facing this error? Or have you already placed the keys and are still facing this error? Then check out our article which explains the possible reason for this error and how you can fix it.

You need to have prod keys in your emulator so that it can decrypt the firmware and run properly. But sometimes no keys or a problem with the version of keys can cause the missing key error on Ryujin.

This error can be easily fixed and for that, you can read the article in which I have mentioned the reason this error occurs and what can you do to solve it on your own.

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The main reason that this error occurs is that when you install the emulator the first time there are no prod keys present. So, when you open the emulator for the first time, this error pops up on your device.

To fix this error, you need to get the latest file for prod keys and place them in the Ryujinx prod keys folder on your device.

To download the latest keys, you can visit any of the sites that are given below but just remember that downloading these keys from other websites should be done carefully. Most of the sites put the links of older prod keys or have viruses hidden in their files.

Make sure to download the latest version V17.0 0 so you don’t face any compatibility issues with the firmware installed. After downloading the file, unzip it through unzipping apps like WinRAR.

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Now that you have gotten the keys, you can follow these steps so the error that you are facing can be fixed.

  1. Turn on your emulator.
  2. Click on the File icon and then Open the Ryujinx folder.
  3. In this directory, you have to place the prod keys that you have in the folder named system.
  4. Close your emulator and start it again.

When you open the emulator this time you won’t face any error as it is fixed.

What if you are still facing the error even if have placed the keys in the Ryujinx prod keys folder, just as asked by the user on Reddit?

The reason for this is the compatibility issue of your Yuzu prod key firmware 17.0.0 and prod keys. As the version of prod keys installed should be almost or nearly the same as that of firmware, installing a very older version of keys can cause this error.

To fix this issue, you should check the version of keys and firmware that is installed on your device and download the compatible one from the link that is mentioned above.

One of the first things that you have to do after installing the Ryujinx emulator is to set the keys. That is why when you open it for the first time you face Ryujinx error RYU 0001. To fix this issue, you need to get the latest prod keys and place them in the system folder in the Ryujinx folder.

Sometimes, even doing this can not solve your problem. This is because of the older mismatched version of your keys with the firmware. That is why you should get the latest set of keys as well as the firmware.

What to do if Ryujinx firmware not found?

To solve this issue, you have to download the latest version of firmware and then place it on your emulator. This can be done by opening the emulator and going on this path Tools > Install Firmware > Install a firmware from XCI or ZIP file.

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