How to Get Prod Keys for Ryujinx N Switch?

Do you need the prod keys for your Ryujinx emulator but can’t find one? Then don’t worry as this article will contain a list of the latest Ryujinx prod keys.

Ryujinx is one of the widely used emulators for playing games. It supports a wide variety of games and is very easy to use. To play the games it requires you to have prod keys which are required by your system to decrypt the files and hence run smoothly.

When you first download the emulator, the keys are not there and you have to place them in a specific location. This has to be done by you, and you can do this by getting them from online websites.

So you should read this article which explains how to get prod key latest version for Ryujinx and how to install it.

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Guidelines for Acquiring Prod Keys for Ryujinx and the Nintendo Switch

Even if you download Ryujinx from the official website it does not contain the file of the prod keys. This is very confusing for new users who have trouble finding them on their devices and they ask it on forums like Reddit.

Now, you can download them from several websites and some of these are given below. The latest version is 17.0.0 and its predecessor is 16.10.  After downloading the file needs to be unzipped and it can be done by extracting software like WinRAR. If any one of the sites doesn’t work, you just use the other one.

You should keep in mind that getting the Prod keys online is harmful and can infect your device with viruses if not taken proper care of. That is why you should always check the authenticity of the websites from online forums and communities, so you stay on the safe side.

Besides the prod keys, Ryujinx firmware is also not preinstalled and needs to be downloaded.  For Ryujinx firmware download, you can also visit this site by clicking here. The current version is V17.0.0 and is about 325 MB in size.

  • Homebrew Your Nintendo Switch: First, you need to install custom firmware on your Nintendo Switch. This is often done through a process known ashomebrewing.” Be aware that this can void your warranty and might go against Nintendo’s terms of service. A popular custom firmware is Atmosphere.
  • Dumping Prod Keys: Once you have homebrew capabilities, you can use homebrew applications to dump the prod keys from your Nintendo Switch. These keys are required by Ryujinx, a Switch emulator, to decrypt game files.
  • Transfer Prod Keys to Ryujinx: After obtaining the prod keys, they need to be transferred to your PC where Ryujinx is installed. Usually, this involves copying a file to a specific directory where Ryujinx is set up.
  • Configuring Ryujinx: With the prod keys in place, you will need to configure Ryujinx to recognize and use them. This typically involves setting file paths and ensuring the emulator is up-to-date.
  • Legal Considerations: Remember that while emulating games you own is often considered legal, downloading ROMs or games you do not own is against the law in many countries. Always adhere to local laws and regulations.
  • Consult Online Guides and Communities: For detailed instructions, it’s best to consult online guides or communities dedicated to Switch homebrew and emulation. These resources often have the most up-to-date and detailed information.

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Setting up your keys in Ryujinx is very simple and you can just follow this step by step, so you do not face any troubles while installing this on your device.

1. Click OK on the pop-up error you are facing.

2. On the top corner, you will see the File icon, click on it and then on Open Ryujinx Folde‘.

3. In this directory, search for a folder named system.

4. Now paste the files of the prod keys here.

The keys are installed and now just have to turn on your emulator again and then you are good to go.

What is a prod key?

Prod keys are safety keys that helps your emulator to authenticate and verify the system. In simple words, it checks and activates the system, and prevents illegal access to the system.

Do you need keys for Ryujinx?

Yes, the keys are a must for the Ryujinx emulator to work, and without them, you can not use it.

Where do I get a prod key?

Prod keys can be obtained from several websites online. Although there are a lot of fake and harmful sites you should be careful about the site you are using. One of the trusted sites is which can give you free of cost prod keys.

How to download prod keys for Ryujinx?

You can download Ryujinx prod keys online and there are a number of sources. To avoid any harm, verify the authenticity of the websites on forums like Quora or Reddit.

Ryujinx is an emulator that requires you to have the prod keys in your device so that it can decrypt the emulator. These prod keys are not installed in your device and can be obtained through several online websites for the emulator to work on your device properly.

After you have downloaded the files, you must have to install them on a specific location in Ryujinx so that they can work out properly. This has to be done in the system Folder. Now if you have gotten the prod keys then you can go and enjoy the emulator.

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