Donkey Kong 64 uses 7.997 MB / 8MB available 

Are you playing Donkey Kong and want to know why it needs the n64 expansion pak? Then completely read out our article which explains this topic in detail. 

Donkey Kong was a Nintendo game that was developed in 1999. Originally, there was no expansion pak needed by the game, but due to technical reasons, Donkey Kong became the first game that required to have the pak in order to run. 

In this article, I will explain what is the need for this n64 expansion pak for your game, and if there are some alternatives to this that you can use instead. At the end of this article, I will answer some of the general questions regarding this topic which will help you in a better understanding. 

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The main role of the n64 expansion pak 64 is to increase the RAM of your Nintendo 64 from 4 MB to 8 MB. This allows your games to work smoothly and with improved quality. The expansion pak is a must for some games like Donkey Kong, while optional in other games where its function is to make your game perform better. 

But what does this mean? Now as the n64 expansion pak enhances the memory of your ROM to 8MB, this means that your game will run just fine. Now out of this 8 MB available, Donkey Kong only uses 7.997MB of the space.  

The official n64 expansion pak for the game can be expensive for a lot of users as it costs more than 100 dollars. So, are there any other alternatives that you can use, and if yes, then what are they? 

For this, you can try out the Japanese version of the expansion pak which is present on eBay. The prices of them are half of the official version and cost you only about 50 dollars. These will work just fine for Donkey Kong 64, and you can even check out the comparison videos for the official version and alternative version from YouTube. 

Does Donkey Kong 64 require expansion pak? 

Yes, you need the n64 expansion pack in order to play Donkey Kong 64. Otherwise, your game will not even work and crash whenever you start it. This expansion pak is present with the game, and you have to buy it separately. 

Does the n64 expansion pak improve all games? 

Not every game, but the n64 expansion pack adds multiple new features and enhances the overall quality of several games. Certain Nintendo 64 games require this to be present, but others can be played without it just fine. 

For Donkey Kong 64 to function on your Nintendo 64 system, an expansion pak is needed. With the n64 extension pak, your Nintendo 64’s memory is increased from 4 MB to 8 MB. This overall, improves the performance of this game. 

Now, when the Donkey Kong 64 runs with this expansion pak, it only uses 7.997 MB out of the total memory. You need to buy this expansion pak if you currently do not have one. But, the official one can be very expensive and for that, you can try out the alternative versions which come at half of the price. 

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